Consulting services

If you cannot decided on the ways and methods of your business development – use the consulting services provided by the experts of KARTON AGENCY advertising agency.

We offer:

  • smm courses in Lviv
  • themed events
  • individual consulting sessions and recommendations

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    Why do you need consulting services?



    If the words “digital”, “smm”, and “seo” mean nothing to you, then the professionals of the KARTON AGENCY advertising agency will gladly explain everything to you.


    Self development


    Attending courses and events will help you master the digital-marketing sphere and solve business promotion problems on your own.

    Recommendations from professionals


    You can spend a lot of time on searching for ways and options to develop your business
    You can spend a lot of time and resources on finding business development options on your own and still don’t achieve the desired results. We will help you analyze the current state of your company and select the most appropriate ways of its promotion.


    Individual attention


    The KARTON AGENCY team never offers a standard method for business problems solving. We build an individual algorithm of actions which will be effective in the specific situation of the specific company.

    What will we do?

    • We will analyze and give recommendations for an effective development of your business
    • We will organize themed events
    • We will hold smm courses
    1. Analysis and preparation
    1. Analysis and preparation
    2. Strategy development
    2. Strategy development
    3. Implementation and analysis
    3. Implementation and analysis

    Are you interested in the consulting services?

    You can consult with the professionals, attend events and courses organized by KARTON AGENCY advertising agency in Lviv.

    Use our check-list and get recommendations on the effective development of your business.