Targeted advertising

Targeted advertising – targeted ad for the audience, selected in accordance with the certain criteria.


Correct ads settings help eliminate uninterested audience and save a lot of time.


Results of the correctly set advertising:


  • It reaches only the target audience
  • Traffic growth
  • Increased sales and profits

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    Why do you need targeted advertising?



    Targeted advertising is focused only on your target audience. Effective ad impressions increase your website traffic and activity, thus helping your resource achieve top search engine positions.


    Target audience


    Target advertising expands target audience. Increase in the number of interested consumers effectively influences the level of sales and profits.

    Personalized advertising


    Targeted advertising focuses on meeting needs and solving specific problems of your target audience. Not only impressions setting, but also advertising materials can help identify consumers.




    In ads dashboards, you can always find statistics of the targeted advertising effectiveness. You can monitor traffic, number of subscriptions and interactions, conversion of impressions into sales.

    What will we do?

    • We will identify your target audience together with you
    • We will create personalized advertising materials
    • We will set up advertising
    • We will launch targeted advertising and analyze its effectiveness.
    1. Analysis and preparation
    1. Analysis and preparation
    2. Strategy development
    2. Strategy development
    3. Implementation and analysis
    3. Implementation and analysis

    Are you interested in targeted advertising?

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